"We use Inferential Focus to help us avoid making bad deals.

That service is worth untold value."

American Infrastructure Fund
George McCown

"Inferential Focus's ideas and thoughts are unique, nontraditional; not your typical front-page thoughts."

Chartwell Investment Partners
Ed Antoian

"None of us is short of data these days; in fact, it has become an unceasing barrage of data flow.  But you can't turn effective data into actionable info unless you have a context.  I don't know anybody else out there who presents that view as well as [Inferential Focus].  [They] are really in the 'connect the dots' business- and [they] do it well."

The Westfield Group
Mark Bieler

"Inferential Focus provided me some of the most valuable and original research outside of Goldman Sachs. Their work frequently challenged conventional wisdom, encouraged me to 'think outside the box' and continually forced me to reexamine investment conclusions."

Goldman Sachs (retired)
Chip Otness

"Inferential Focus brings to its clients a new mindset about things; the lack of blinders.  [It's information] is much richer than the information you get from other media outlets.  The miracle of their work is that they are able to generate something without prejudice.  Inferential Focus never sells a point of view. Their strength is that there are no limits to the possibilities of what these inferences might be."

Omni Management
Jerry Rubenstein

“Inferential Focus has helped improve our decision-making process by working with us to understand the difference between information and intelligence and, in doing so, has enabled us to uncover otherwise hidden opportunities.”

Shionogi Inc.
Deanne Melloy

"Inferential Focus's service forces us to think about what is approaching and whether or not to worry about it."

American Infrastructure Fund
Bob Hellman

"Inferential Focus has positively contributed to how we think, how we gather insight and how we view the world. They help us organize the chaos."

Client since 2008

"The value proposition Inferential Focus provides is a proprietary insight into where the world is going."

Client since 2007
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