We see things earlier. Because we find anomalies missed by the untrained observer, we are able to piece together facts and events to identify change long before other research companies and before change becomes so apparent it could be labeled a "trend."  By the time it is a "trend" the greatest opportunity has passed.  Our research identifies changes 18- to 24-months before other research organizations. 

We identify major turning points. Our discipline is designed to filter out the "noise" of insignificant changes, thereby enabling our clients to distinguish between incidental events and those major turning points that will have a significant competitive impact on their business.

We cast a wide net. While many research companies "specialize" in specific areas, we read more than 300 information sources, from economic, political, social or technological sources and across global markets.  This enables us to maintain the broadest perspective on how changing dynamics can impact our clients' success.

We deal only with admissible evidence. We do not accept opinions, statements by "experts" or personal conclusions, which are many times offered as statements of fact.  Instead, we deal only with actual events and specific actions that we observe or discover in our research.

We suspend judgment.  When the business environment is static, the judgment of an "expert" is often valuable. In times of change, that same expert is often the least helpful resource in dealing with the unknown or unfamiliar. Because we are in the business of observing change, there are no "field experts" in our firm.

We use the 3 to 5 rule. Before we determine that a change is taking place, we must see multiple evidence through different actions and events. This allows us to provide our clients with a number of diverse inputs from different fields about the changes we observe. These multiple inputs enable our clients to determine how best to utilize this business intelligence to their competitive advantage.

Our clients are involved in observing change. After we have worked with our clients for a period of time, they become better observers of a changing world. As a result, they become full partners in the critical steps of linking change to actionable opportunities for their companies.

We help our clients apply business intelligence as an effective competitive tool. By providing our clients with an 18- to 24-month head start on their competitors, we enable them to develop and implement business strategies to increase current market share and penetrate new markets more cost-effectively.

Client Quote

"None of us is short of data these days, in fact, it has become an unceasing barrage of data flow.  But you can't turn effective data into actionable info unless you have a context.  I don't know anybody else out there who presents that view as well as [Inferential Focus].  [They] are really in the 'connect the dots' business - and [they] do it well."

Mark Bieler
Mark Bieler Associates

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