Written Periodicals


Our most in-depth written periodical, a Briefing takes the time to assemble more facts into a context (generally between 5 to 8 pages) to provide evidence of a change, inferences and early implications. Each Briefing undertakes an in-depth look at a major change, piecing together dynamics within the situation and suggesting implications of the change. Frequency: ~ 30/year


Each issue of InFocus examines a narrow topic such as a very early warning of a change, the implications of a change covered in a previous Briefing, or any group of related anomalous events which might have unforeseen impacts. We offer inferences as well as areas of opportunity and risk when appropriate. Frequency: ~ 15/year

Weekly Observations

Each edition of Weekly Observations discusses unique items from our Inference Reading and brings them to clients' attention in order to provide timely comments or questions regarding what a particular observation might mean in terms of social, political, economic or technological changes. They often also serve as building blocks to the longer, deeper InFocus and Briefing that we deliver. Frequency: ~ Weekly

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Meeting Materials

Mind Maps

Mind Maps allow us to visually depict the specific intelligence that illustrates a new context. We typically develop a Mind Map for any significant context, and also work with clients to build Mind Maps that explore intelligence specific to their interests.

Intelligence Discussion

An Intelligence Discussion begins with specific articles and intelligence sources that illustrate a contextual narrative. It enables clients to understand the depth of the context while utilizing specific applications to generate client-relevant ideas.


Broadsheets are our way to visually  depict the  early implications of a contextual change.  We offer macro implications, investment themes, asset-class opportunity and risk, some sectors and subsectors impacted and a brief list of public and private companies that could benefit or become vulnerable because of the changing environment.

Custom Implications

Our Custom Implications provide clients with specific opportunities and risks with a focus on areas important to them such as portfolio holdings, current investment themes and market cap restrictions.

Client Quote

"Inferential Focus brings to its clients a new mindset about things; the lack of blinders.  It is much richer than the information you get from other media outlets.  The miracle of their work is that they are able to generate something without prejudice.  Inferential Focus never sells a point of view.  The strength is that there are no limits to the possibilities of what these inferences might be."

Jerry Rubenstein
Omni Management

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