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Changing The Way You Look At Things

by Diane Alter

Many people have grandiose visions of change the world.  In reality, the world changes on its own accord every second.  Making sense of the constant changes and the impact they have on people, places and things is unquestionable a daunting task.  But not for Inferential Focus.  This New York City based firm, in business for more than three decades, not only makes sense of the plethora of continuous changes, it also expertly explains them in ways that helps scores of clients make better investment the full article

Wall Street Lawyer

Unaddressed Consequences

by Charles Hess and Ken Hey

What gives?  More to the point, what unforeseen risk lurk where human perspectives on reality are blinded by inaccurate human beliefs?  What are the unanticipated and unaddressed risks, legal and financial, that can result when humans, who cannot effectively manage the flood of information their machines are generating, nonetheless believe they are in control?  Plenty, as it turns the full article

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One on One with Charles J.Hess

Q. How do your reports differ from those of your competitors?
A. A lot of research organizations ask people things, and they respond to the responses. So they'll do polls, they'll do surveys, they'll go to corporate management, ask them what's going on, what their earnings projects are, and work off of that. That, to us, is processed information. So we go back to the raw information, which is something that we can rely on. Actions speak louder than full article


Making Sense of the World's Symptoms

by Sandra Ward

If change is afoot somewhere in the world, it's likely that Hess and his associates at Inferential Focus in Manhattan have detected it. Started nearly 30 years ago with co-founder Bennett Goodspeed, author of the The Tao Jones Averages, Inferential Focus is committed to detecting subtle shifts in behavior and trends across a broad spectrum of disciplines that often result in major investment and marketing themes. Its client list is an elite group of financial institutions, hedge funds and multinational corporations eager to gain a strategic advantage... read full article


The Next Big Thing: How About a Little Meaning

by William Waitzman

Inferential Focus seeks to find what's behind developments, with Hess and his partners examining multiple levels of evidence before reaching a conclusion. He notes that "the more you're interested in an area, the more evidence it takes" to convince you that something's happening. Hence, the spouse is always the last to know. Once the picture becomes clear, the change detectors help clients "understand what's going on early" and discuss the implications, so those with the information can adjust to change before it's generally full article

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