The Caterpillar Doesn't Know

Kenneth R. Hey and Peter D. Moore
The Free Press, 1998

The Caterpillar Doesn't Know offers a new perspective on how personal change is creating organizational change. Using Inferential Focus's intelligence- gathering methods, Kenneth Hey and Peter Moore trace the changes in social and economic environments that have transformed consumer values. These changes have led business leaders to restructure their corporations and the way they operate. The book is organized into three parts: "The Pursuit of Wealth," "The Pursuit of Meaning," and "Sustainable Relationships," with each part detailing new consumer realities that businesses need to address. Critical insights at the end of every chapter provide a deeper look into changes that have occurred and what leaders can do to reconnect with their customers and employees.

The Tao Jones Averages

Bennett W. Goodspeed
Penguin, 1983

A guide to the art as well as the science of investing, The Tao Jones Averages demonstrates how to understand and identify market opportunities using the left (logical) and right (intuitive) hemispheres of the brain. Combining the Chinese philosophies of Lao Tsu with his Wall Street experience, Goodspeed instructs readers in how to balance analytic skills with intuitive talents and avoid the lure of the herd mentality. His philosophy on investment decision making includes challenging current operating assumptions and utilizing direct, personal observations to understand markets and behavior. Included in the book are Goodspeed's five stages in the decision-making process and suggestions for investor success in the market.

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