Fewer than 50 percent of Americans can tell the difference between fact and opinion.

We rely on only facts and events to put change in context so that your competitors’ loss is your opportunity.



Overload is real. In the midst of so many emails, calls, meetings, articles, websites and social media interruptions, we help our clients focus on where they should place their attention to maximize opportunities and minimize risks. We work with clients to apply our business intelligence to their decision-making process across business strategy and development, investment management, marketing, and client engagements.

We Help Clients:

Position themselves
to be on the right
side of change
Avoid risks
of unrecognized
Make higher
Have a clearer
of world events
Gain a

The Forum

Our Forum events bring together a small group of various clients and non-clients for an intimate in-person discussion on some of our newest intelligence. These breakfast or lunch Forums provide attendees with the opportunity to understand the context for world events, receive in-depth intelligence and analysis as well as an opportunity to hear perceptions and questions from other investors and business leaders.

Decision-Making SEMINARS

Traditionally, when making a decision, most of the focus and effort is centered around which solution to choose. Our engaging and application-based workshop demonstrates how good decision making starts with an extraordinary focus on the information and intelligence-gathering process. When gathered and interpreted correctly, fact-based intelligence will guide not only where a decision needs to be made but also which course of action best aligns with the opportunity.

Where observation is concerned,
chance favors only the prepared mind.

Louis Pasteur

Bespoke Intelligence Advisory/Seminars

Let us advise your team or senior decision-makers about the targeted areas that are most important to you. Our change detection process can provide deeper contextual insights into the specific industries or areas of importance impacting your business.


Inferential Focus’ partners and senior personnel are available for corporate speaking engagements based on our early change-detection intelligence.

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