Who We Service

We Partner with Money Managers, Private Equity firms and Corporate Decision Makers including Boards of Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Risk Managers and Marketers.

Money Managers

Money Managers

Evidence suggests that exceptional portfolio performance is impacted by the early recognition of changes to economies, markets, industries and consumer preferences.
Our investor clients understand that the early identification of inflection points, at both peaks and troughs, and their implications, can translate into new long and short investment opportunities as well as changing perspectives about current portfolio holdings. Contact Us.

We work with our investor clients to apply our intelligence to their investment decision making by providing:

New investment
Industry opportunities
and risks
Long and short company
opportunities and risks
Thematic portfolio
Private Equity

Private Equity

Having insight into early sector, industry and consumer changes provides our Private Equity clients with the confidence to pursue new opportunities as well as the foresight to understand the correct timing to exit a current holding. Contact Us

In addition to intelligence on changing conditions, we offer our clients:

New investment
Opportunity and risk
identification for current
portfolio companies
Due diligence on
new opportunities
Corporate Decision Makers

Corporate Decision Makers

The world appears to be changing more quickly and that can be overwhelming. Our corporate clients, including Boards of Directors, CEOsCFOsRisk Managers and Marketers, understand that the real competitive advantage comes from being able to make decisions before all of the facts are known and all of the numbers have been analyzed. 

Our intelligence enables corporate leaders to see a broader picture of opportunities and risks, with enough time to build consideration into their strategic decision making. These capabilities and our accuracy led Barron's to term Inferential Focus the “CEO's CIA.”

We work with corporate clients to apply our intelligence to their decision making by providing:

Early awareness of societal,
attitudinal and behavioral change
Early warning of
coming risk
Subtle indicators of relevant change that
might otherwise go unnoticed
An expanded view of the economic, political,
social and technological contexts impacting their business

We see things earlier.

We identify major turning points.

We embrace the value of broad perspective.

We base our research on facts, actual events, and specific actions.

We make sense of a changing world.

We look forward to working with you