Technology - Page 3

"Keys To The Kingdom"

Entering a post Cold-War era, featuring less security and even less freedom.

Digital Evolution And Digital First

The shift to digital as the primary way of connecting, selling, communicating and being is just beginning.

The Next Internet

The digital industry fancies a metaverse.

Welcome To The World Of Robotic Overlords

Fear Of Losing Jobs To Robots Is Displaced By Fear Of Robots Becoming The Boss

QR & AR: Technologies To Bridge The Physical And Digital Worlds

The pandemic provided new momentum for QR codes and AR, but both will keep the momentum going after the pandemic has passed.

Ecosystem Expansion

Since our Context Update on this subject, new and established companies have built out their offerings into new sectors and have grown their ecosystems.

Update III: Tracking And Biometric Technologies

The use of digital technologies to track, monitor and surveil global citizens has become acceptable, with an assumed payback of safety and security - for now.

Escalating Rewards And Elevated Risks

Productivity, efficiency, automation and advancing artificial intelligence.

Ain't No Ant, It's A Monster

What do the actions surrounding the public listing of Ant Group suggest?

Update: Streaming Deluge

Livestreaming has gone mainstream.

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