Mining For Green

The global scramble to secure critical elements and minerals.

The Water Cycle Is Broken

The system that provides a necessity of life has come undone.

Hydrogen And The Move To Green Energy

Increasingly, national and corporate leaders are putting money and priority behind policies that will make hydrogen another tool to address climate change.

Saudi Trifecta 3.0

In this curious confluence of interests among Russia, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., what is the proper price of oil?

Crazy Times In The Oil Patch

Shifting global dynamics and the hydrocarbon industry.

Energy Restructuring Continues

Much in the way low hydrocarbon prices did not thwart the growth of renewables in recent years, neither will current political roadblocks in the U.S.

Saudi Trifecta And The Syria Endgame

Riyadh puts the heat on Iran.

The Saudi Trifecta

Supply and demand, market risks and a bigger "Why?"

Scrambling The Global Energy Market

New capabilities, new dynamics alter the quest for energy.

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