Energy And Electricity In An Era Of Limits

Facing a potential era of limits, governments, energy providers and big technology companies are beginning to invest in solutions.

U.S. - China Competition Converges On Control Of Resources

The global scramble to secure critical elements and minerals has ramped up.

Update: Building Circularity

The circular economy continues to expand.

Secure Resources: LNG

Countries are attempting to lock up long-term deals for all the resources they need, including LNG.

Dynamics Impacting Lithium

Examination of a few of our previously identified contexts that are currently impacting lithium.

Food Security & Advancing Agricultural Production

Stresses on food production and potential solutions.

Mining For Green

The global scramble to secure critical elements and minerals.

The Water Cycle Is Broken

The system that provides a necessity of life has come undone.

Hydrogen And The Move To Green Energy

Increasingly, national and corporate leaders are putting money and priority behind policies that will make hydrogen another tool to address climate change.

Saudi Trifecta 3.0

In this curious confluence of interests among Russia, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., what is the proper price of oil?

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