Update II: Who Needs Real People?

Society is rapidly moving toward full acceptance of this new breed of chatbots – as friends, therapists, coworkers, entertainers and even lovers.

Geoengineering Moves From The Sci-Fi Fringe

The unwillingness to halt emissions leads to extreme actions

What Digital Has Wrought

Governments and individuals are challenging big digital

Cyber Attacks and Digital Fraud

New observations and advancements in the Cyber Attacks & Digital Fraud context.

Update: Who Needs Real People?

Large language models, which are proliferating and now are increasingly replacing or augmenting humans in diverse sectors and activities.

After The Frenzy

ChatGPT, AI and disruption on steroids.

Technology As A Cultural Force Loses Leverage

Tech obsessions give way to moderation.

Tracking, Monitoring And Surveillance Levels Up

Monitoring and surveillance around the globe continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

Challenges To Value, Uniqueness And Creativity

The digital revolution disrupts the world of popular and fine arts.

The Metaverse Is Hype, The Virtual World Is Real

The metaverse is hype, the virtual world is real.

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