Update: Who Needs Real People?

Large language models, which are proliferating and now are increasingly replacing or augmenting humans in diverse sectors and activities.

After The Frenzy

ChatGPT, AI and disruption on steroids.

Technology As A Cultural Force Loses Leverage

Tech obsessions give way to moderation.

Tracking, Monitoring And Surveillance Levels Up

Monitoring and surveillance around the globe continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

Challenges To Value, Uniqueness And Creativity

The digital revolution disrupts the world of popular and fine arts.

The Metaverse Is Hype, The Virtual World Is Real

The metaverse is hype, the virtual world is real.

Effects Of The New Video Paradigm

AI Today: Update

AI platforms have opened their deep learning and complex neural networks for outside and independent groups of developers to study and train.

The World Runs Through Social Media

Despite frequent warnings, social media move to the center of societal activites.

Digital First And Digital Fraud

Digital First is increasing the risks of fraud and more money is being lost to fraudulent schemes.

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