Update: Attack Of The Drones

Increasing adoption of drones for many purposes including in the military, product delivery and agriculture.

Taking On Scarcity: Critical Elements, Minerals And Healthcare

Efforts by companies and governments are underway to navigate scarcity, especially as it relates to natural resources and healthcare

Regulation Is Having A Moment

Regulation and antitrust issues are emerging.

When The Rubber Meets The Road

Unrealistic expectations and the hype cycle meet "Settling Down".

Evolving A Brand

Risks, rewards and punishments for changing a marketplace identity.

Video Games In The Postpandemic Environment

With the exception of esports, video games continue to attract significant consumer time and attention.

Scientific Research And Health Breakthroughs

An overview of new research and discoveries that offer greater biological understanding and promise new treatments.

Attention Isn't Enough

Economics of entertainment changes, and sector leaders are perplexed.

Retail Faces Reversion From The Extraordinary

Consumers shift their behaviors and priorities forcing brands and retailers to adjust to another wave of change.

Update: Society's Rethink - Work And Office Real Estate

How are office-based employees are going to adjust their work days in the long term?

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