Where Are They Taking Us?

Current global leaders in a world awash in existential challenges.

A Revised Globalism

Shifts in international realities force changes to the way trade will take place.

Weaponizing Finance

The global financial infrastructure as a war zone.

Alliances Matter, Again

A reshuffling of friends, frenemies and adversaries creates another new world order.

What Constitutes An Act Of War?

Militarizing outer-space and cyber-space with nothing to constrain activity in those domains.

The Monroe Doctrine Is No More

The U.S. faces competition for influence in Latin America.

Shifts In The International Order

The U.S. checks its identity and others make moves - what's next?

Xi's High Wire Act: Context Update

As Mr. Xi prepares to win a third five-year term and lead his country toward goals he has enumerated, he is shaking up the bureaucratic hierarchy in China.

Proscriptive Versus Reactive

China and the U.S. - two systems, two mindsets, two processes.

China Coming Out Of The Pandemic

China is promoting innovation and new development as part of its “New Infrastructure” objective to move the country past the setbacks of the global pandemic.

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