The New Middle Eastern Power Players

Moves by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to become global power players, increase investment and produce growth

A New Architecture Of Global Power

Global initiatives, minilaterals and old alliances lead to a different world order.

The New Middle East

Recent geo-economic and geopolitical maneuvers of Middle Eastern countries are setting the course for the region’s growth.

Impact Centers

As globalization comes apart, new kinds of influence arise.

Update: China Brand Strategy 2.0

China’s is continuing to execute on its strategy to promote homegrown brands to national – and global – prominence.

Sanctions In A World Of Permeable Borders

The vulnerabilities and weaknesses of sanctions in the current global environment.

The New New Cold War

A many-polar world and its new kinds of competition.

China's Response To A World Organized By The West

The competition between China and the U.S. for center stage.

Where Are They Taking Us?

Current global leaders in a world awash in existential challenges.

A Revised Globalism

Shifts in international realities force changes to the way trade will take place.

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