Social & Consumer

Seeking Stability

Individuals find ways to sustain themselves in an uncertain environment.

Uncharted Territory and Consumer Resourcefulness

Resourceful consumers are dealing with inflation and other economic uncertainties.

The Great Pandemic Hangover

Examining the long-term effects of the pandemic on society, business, education, technology, work and the economy.

Sucker Punched By The American Dream

The quest for a satisfied self in an era of uncertainty.

Americans Go Outdoors: Update

Numerous dynamics suggest that the desire to spend more time outside will continue even when the pandemic is behind us.

Busted Trust And Truth Decay

The effects of individuals willfully embracing falsehoods.

New Rules Of Engagement

Young adults, a different adulthood and a very new way of operating.

Hybridization Everywhere

New combinations create innovations that are undermining current operating procedures.

New Ways of Selling Create Omnichannel Customer Connections

Omnichannel operations have become a necessary component of doing business.

Coming Out Of The Pandemic

Lessons learned, changed habits and new values.

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