Social & Consumer

Passive To Active

Individuals change from viewers to doers.

The Consumer Squeeze

The squeeze on consumers is beginning to have a larger impact on many consumer-facing companies.

inSight: Consumer Squeeze

Update on the Consumer Squeeze

Preparing The Mind For Scarcity

Smaller egos, smaller things and smaller groups become appealing in a world of scarcity.

Seeking Stability or What The Hell Is Going On?

Remodeling the past to deal with the present

Women Are Taking The Lead?

Men and women and the zero-sum game

The Great Reallocation: Effects Of Squeezed Consumers

Structurally higher prices and elevated interest rates are beginning to show their effects on squeezed U.S. consumers.

Truth In A Bubble?

Individuals are fabricating their own version of reality.

With Trust Undermined, Americans Look To New Authorities In Their Search For A Better Life

Individuals are attempting to piece together a road map to a longer and healthier life.

America's Cultural Identity Challenged: Heritage, Authenticity And Identity Fashion

Seeking heritage and authenticity in the face of a challenged American identity.

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