Quarterly Review - Second Quarter, 2024

Black Swan Intelligence Failures?

Surveillance, bias and missing critical signals in intelligence.

Crisis In American Education Again...Or Still?

Education numbers paint an ugly but incomplete picture

Disinflation, A Second Chance?

Protectionism, globalization and a choice about prices.

Quarterly Review - First Quarter, 2024

Short descriptions of the contexts and dynamics communicated in the first quarter, 2024

The Economic Story And Its Mishandling

Supply issues, usual crises and changing business conditions are behind some price increases, which are little affected by Fed actions.

Work Is Being Upended

The ongoing change in the meaning and value of work.

Quarterly Review - Fourth Quarter, 2023

Short description of the contexts and dynamics communicated in the fourth quarter, 2023.

Green Is Losing Momentum

Costs, investments and profits slow plans to save the environment.

The Great Reallocation

Consumers, corporations and governments get squeezed and restructure their finances.

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