Technology - Page 4

The Growing Ecosystem Model

Globally, numerous new and established companies are attempting to build ecosystems with a goal of capturing consumers' time, attention, money and data.

AI Today

Artificial intelligence has sprung from its early experiments to an economic force.

Update II: Tracking and Biometric Technologies

Companies and governments have expanded the use of tracking capabilities from use on computers, smartphones and IoT to anywhere in the world there is a camera..

The Streaming Deluge

Streaming here, there and everywhere disrupts more industries.

The 5G Battle Hints At Cold War 2

Are America’s tactics around 5G sufficient or sustainable to continue to beat China in aviation, biotech, AI and microchip manufacturing down the road?


The ongoing intel war breaks through the surface.

Tracking And Biometric Technologies: Context Update

Despite pushback, about the technology's efficacy and its regulation, use of facial recognition and biometric technologies continue to gain momentum.

Business Models & Strategic Plans

The rollout of 5G becomes a geo-economic competition.

AI Lite And Robot Hype

Overarching expectations meet reality.

Digitally Trained Investors And Facts

Algorithms and reality in digital technology investments.

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