Technology - Page 5

Lasers, Drones And Cyber Attacks: Advance Of The New Warfare

Against the backdrop of increasing global tensions, nations are looking for ways to level the playing field against major conventional military powers.

Tracking And Biometric Technologies

Monitoring and surveillance blur the distinction between public and private...but so what?

Augmented Reality

A solid growth area for AR seems to have shifted to the industrial, or B2B, market.

Digital On Defense: Context Update

Pushbacks against the unhealthy consequences of digital technology have reached a critical point and are putting Digital on Defense.

China Skips A Step To Smart Logistics

A look at China’s leap into this era of fast, automated logistics, and its implications.

Digital On Defense

Negative effects of the great digital experiment challenges Silicon Valley.

Eco-Networks, Data And The Next Economic Order

A new resource challenges e-commerce.

Cyber Now: Context Update

The dark side of the "wonderful" Internet.

From Mobile-First To AI-First Update

Applications of AI and an automation in many sectors.

Artificial Intelligence, Not Your Average Algorithm

What AI is and what AI is not.

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